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Specialty Services

Dyno Services

Want to know what your real power is?

The answer is not to drive the car around the block for a seat of the pants assessment. Professionals use a Dynamometer to accurately measure real useable power and torque at the rear wheels where it counts and to assess changes made to enhance performance. For years CS Motorsports has used their in ground DynoDynamics Dynamometer capable of measuring up to 1000 hp at the rear wheels. Our CS Motorsports team of experts can evaluate your car’s performance and measure the results of changes made in the engine and engine management systems.

Typical uses include:

  • Evaluating current engine performance against standard

  • With the new State Inspection using the Dyno to ensure passing

  • Trouble shooting

  • Evaluating engine modifications

  • Tuning Race cars

  • Engine Building

  • Dialing in more power

Engine Building

CS Motorsports offers a full capability of building or rebuilding your engine. Engine tired? We can rebuild it. Want more power? We can make it happen and still maintain the durability that Porsche is noted for.

We can take your tired engine, rebuild it to your specifications and turn it into a masterpiece for the street or track!


Custom Builds

When you want to go a little faster

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